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    Fairfield, Maine 04937

Central Maine CATV broadcasts 24 hours/7 days a week. Changes are regularly made to the scheduling of programming.

Program Schedule as of 1-23-18


Waterville Council - meeting 7:00 pm 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Air 7:00 pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday Wednesday and 9pm Thursday


Winslow Council - meeting 7:00 pm 2nd Monday
Air 7:00 pm 3rd Monday Tuesday and 9:00 pm Wednesday


Fairfield Council - meeting LIVE 6:30 pm 2nd and 4th Wednesday
Air delayed 7:00 pm 3rd week Wednesday Thursday and Friday
and 1st Wednesday Thursday and Friday of following month

MSAD 49 - 7:00 pm meeting 1st and 3rd Thursday
Air 7:00 pm 2nd and 4th Thursday Friday and Saturday


ND Mass - 4:00 pm every Saturday
Air 9:00 am, 7:00 pm & 9:00 pm every Sunday


KV Baptist
Air 5:00 pm every Sunday


Videos can also be found on the Central Maine CATV YouTube channel.